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Symantec Installation Manager: Cannot access the product-listing file placed on the Symantec Server.


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IT Management Suite Installation Manager (formerly AICM)


The customer mentioned that SIM (Symantec Installation Manager) is throwing errors and failing to connect to the Symantec server ( URL more in specific):

Symantec Installation Manager

Cannot access the product-listing file placed on the Symantec Server. This reduces your options to locally-available products only.
Check your internet connection and then click Retry to access the product-listing file. click Continue to proceed with the limited product selection or click Cancel to stop the installation process.

SIM shows as well "Requires an internet connection for download":


ITMS 8.1 and later


This behavior is usually an indication of a proxy or firewall that is blocking access to our site.


As a test, If you try to reach directly the following links from any browser on your server:' 

It is most likely both will require to add credentials to the Proxy server:

If you add the proper credentials, it should download the files just fine.

The proper way to resolve this issue is:
1. Add the proper exclusion to your Proxy/Firewall rules
2. OR add the valid credentials for PRoxy access under SIM:
a) SIM>Settings>Proxy Settings>Change>Add the requested information. Save changes and relaunch SIM.