Ways to verify that my upgrade or other install was successful? 
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Ways to verify that my upgrade or other install was successful? 


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An upgrade to a new release of IDMS was recently completed. How can I verify that it was successful and that the system will work the same as my old system?
Does CA IDMS have an IVP (Install Verification Program - or Procedure)?


Release : 19.0 or any fully supported release

Component : CA IDMS


In terms of verifying an upgrade install, CA IDMS does not have an IVP (Install Verification Program or Procedure); there are no task codes or commands explicitly to do verify the install. But here are a few things to check:
1- On your new system, you can enter these commands at an 'Enter Next Task Code'. If they all execute without error, that's a good sign; if they hit any errors contact Supprot to check out why. Successful execution means that all of your DCMT & DCUF commands are functional:
These are the closest we have to an IVP.

2- Issue a LOOK DMCL on your old & new systems, and compare the results. If there was no intent to make changes as part of the install/upgrade, these should be the same. 

3- Test the security on your new system and ensure it's set up the same way as your old system (or that it reflects any changes you wanted to make).

4- Issue DCPROFIL on your old & new systems and ensure that they look the same (especially exits and optional PTFs).
5- Compare the RHDCPINT on your old and new systems and ensure they look the same, unless you intended to activate or de-activate products as part of the install. 

6- Have users run tests of the applications they use on the old system, to ensure they work the same way on the new one - this is critical.

Additional Information

The install manual for 19.0 is here: