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API Gateway: Problems with Global Policy and API Developer Portal


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We've recently added a Global Policy in our code repository and I cannot "migrateIn" the policies and services using the GMU utility, if a Global Policy exists in the services/policies definition when API Gateway is "enrolled" with the API developer portal.

There is a note in your documentation regarding to the global policies and API developer portal:

- Ensure that no global policies, including message-received, are configured on the API Proxy. No global policies can exist while the Gateway is integrated with API Portal.

Here is the error log that's being reported when I try to "migrateIn" the policies and services in the Gateway using GMU:

<l7:Mapping action="NewOrUpdate" errorType="UniqueKeyConflict" srcId="e47c4cdc7c7c83e900c9516d0d3d9fbd" srcUri="" type="POLICY">


                    <l7:Property key="ErrorMessage">

                        <l7:StringValue>(name) (internalTag, type)  must be unique</l7:StringValue>




I was able to "migrateIn" my policies and service in the Gateway, but I had to remove the global policy before trying to "migrateIn".

Is this error expected when you try to "migrateIn" a Global policy when the API developer portal and API Gateway are "enrolled"?


API Gateway: 9.X


When you enroll the gateway to the portal, three folders get created: API Portal Integration, API Portal SSO, and Portal APIs. There are multiple policies that get created in these folders.

In the API Portal Integration folder, there is a sub-folder called Portal Custom Messages. In this sub-folder, there are the message-received and message-completed policies.

When you attempt to do your migrateIn, you're trying to import policies that already exist. This will cause a conflict and UniqueKeyConflict error is produced. 

You can only have one set of global policies on any gateway.