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Filter alarms sent from Spectrum to CA Performance Center Alarms View


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Is it possible to limit the number of alarms CA Performance Center t is receiving from Spectrum and are showing up in the Alarms View on CA Performance Center (CAPC)?


Release : 3.7.x

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


CAPC does not store the alarms Spectrum is sending.
Each time the Alarms view loads, CAPC makes a web service call to Spectrum RESTful services and passes the filters the user selected.
Spectrum OneClick is then doing the work to return the alarms matching the filters sent by CAPC.
CAPC will try and link the alarms for devices/interfaces to their CAPC context pages if there is an item from another data source for the item.

Below are the Alarm Console dashboard settings - there are many options to modify the filters CAPC sends to Spectrum to limit what alarms are returned each time CAPC calls Spectrum:


The Alarm Console in CAPC does a web service call to the Spectrum OneClick server, and it can be configured to filter by context using a CAPC group.

This way it will take the Spectrum members of the CAPC group and send those in the filter to limit alarms sent over from Spectrum to CAPC.
The group is used to filter the web call to Spectrum. Then only the devices in that group are requested by CAPC. 

The Group selection determines what alarms CAPC will get in Alarm View:
1. If All Groups is selected, it should find the Inventory -> Data Sources -> Spectrum -> All Spectrum Landscape groups, and just return alarms for those groups.  
2. If a specific group of devices/interfaces is selected, it will find what Spectrum devices are tied to those items in the group, and get alarms for those Spectrum items only.

Additional Information

For more information on setting Alarms View filtering refer to CA Performance Management documentation