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Waterline doesn't move automatically after syncing target changes


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  • When I change targets on a portfolio and sync, the waterline doesn't move to reflect the change and I have to move it manually.
  • How can I make it so that the waterline automatically shifts to the right location when targets change? 


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Step 1: Check to make sure that your primary constraints/ranking rules are set up to measure based on the targets you are updating.
Example from the documentation at Configure the Waterlines View for Portfolios
  • You can determine a planned cost target for a portfolio plan, then set up the waterline configuration to snap to the primary constraint Planned Cost.
  • The waterline displays in your list of investments at the point where the planned cost target is met. Everything above the waterline is within the planned cost of the portfolio, and everything below the waterline exceeds the planned cost.
  • While the primary constraint determines where the waterline appears in the list, ranking rules determine which investments appear above or below the waterline.
Step 2: Run raking rules on the Waterline using the steps below:
  1. Go to the Waterlines tab
  2. Click the Ranking rules icon (3rd icon from left)
  3. Click "Run Ranking Rules"

Example using Primary Constraint of Planned Cost:

If you have planned cost as your primary constraint and your distributed target for planned cost is $200,000, the waterline will appear at the point in the project list where the total is closest to 200,000 without going over.
Example based on 5 projects shown below based on their rank in the waterline:
Rank 1 = project 1 = planned cost 120,000
Rank 2 = project 2 = planned cost 50,000
Rank 3 = project 3 = planned cost 20,000
Rank 4 = project 4 - planned cost of 15,000
Rank 5 = project 5 = planned cost 10,000
The Waterline will show right below project 3 in this case because the total of the first 3 projects is 190,000. Project 4 brings the total to 205,000 so that project won't display above the waterline.
(It doesn't look at role demand in this scenario to determine where the waterline is set.)

Note: The ranking rules will change how projects are ranked and thus displayed and can change where the waterline falls.

Example: If you added Planned Cost as a ranking rule where lower is better, assuming you have no other ranking rules set, then it would display project 5 first, then project, 4, 3, 2, 1, and the waterline would show right before project 1 since that would put it over 200,000

KB that provides details on ranking rules:

Additional Information

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