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Accessing Product Portal post Account Migration


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Symantec Products


What’s Happening?

Symantec, as a result of Broadcom Inc. acquiring its Enterprise Security Business in November 2019 (Press Release), has upgraded its Identity Provider (IDP). All Symantec accounts that used Norton Secure Login (NSL) until now will use Broadcom's Identity Provider (Okta) to log in to Symantec Product Portals. Therefore, all Symantec accounts are being migrated to Broadcom’s IDP. You will notice changes to your login when you access Symantec Product Portals after your account is migrated.

This article provides information on how you can access Symantec Product Portals, after this account migration.


What are the Login Changes?

Until April 30, 2020, you could log in to the Symantec Product Portals with Norton Secure Login (NSL).

After May 1, 2020, you must use your Broadcom Okta account to log in to Symantec Product Portals.

How is this applicable to me?

Account Migration includes account activation where you reset your account password and set up multi-factor authentication as per Broadcom’s IDP. Your migrated account is authenticated with Okta verification.

Account Migration is applicable to:

  • Non-Federated User - A user whose organization does not use any custom Identity Provider (IDP) solution.
  • Federated User - A user whose organization uses a custom IDP. Some examples of custom IDPs are Okta Identity Management, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and oneLogin. 

Note: If you are not sure that your account is federated under a custom identity provider, please check with your IT department. 

Non-Federated User Login

As a Non-Federated user, you must migrate your account to Broadcom’s IDP. You can do this in any one of the following ways.

Note: If you have already migrated your account to Broadcom, you can skip this section.

  • Account Activation link: Some of you might have received an account activation email with links to reset password and update profile information. 

If you did not receive any email with an account activation link, you need not worry. You can use any one of the following tools to get help with account activation, login, or registration.

After your account is migrated to Broadcom, you can continue to access Symantec Product Portals through Broadcom’s Identity Provider - Okta.

If you are not redirected to your Product portal after your account is migrated, you can refer to the following table for a direct link to your Product Portal.

Product Name

Product Portal Link

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud & 

Symantec Endpoint Security

Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition

Symantec Partner Management Console

Symantec Cloud Workload Protection

Symantec Web Security Service

Email &


Symantec CloudSOC CASB - EMEA

Symantec CloudSOC CASB - NAM


Federated User Login

For Federated users, as an IDP administrator, you are required to configure the following parameters. 

  • Assertion Consumer Service URL (ACS URL) 
  • Audience URI (SP Entity ID)

You will receive an email with the above mentioned parameter values to configure your IDP setting. For more information on configuring your IDP to work with Broadcom, see the Configuring External IDP for Federated Users article.