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Configuring VAIM to work with LDAP Integrated EEM.


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CA Virtual Assurance for IM


  • Steps to change VAIM to use LDAP Integrated EEM.


Release : 12.9

Component : VPM GENERAL


Configure VAIM sys_service account with an Active Directory user.

  1. Navigate to Start, Programs, CA, CA Virtual Assurance, select CA Virtual Assurance Command Prompt.
    The command prompt window appears.

  2. Run the below command:
    dpmutil -set -sysuser

  3. Enter your current EEM username and password for authentication.

  4. Use an EiamAdmin or equivalent is required (not an Active Directory user).

  5. Complete the command by providing proper Active Directory credentials.  This is the service accound EEM is configured with for LDAP lookups\integration.
    Note : Please specify Active Directory Username such as domainusername and NOT [email protected] or domain\domainusername.

Additional Information

  • You can refer to the User Access Control section (Page 31) of the VAIM 12.9 Administrator guide (attached) for more information on how VAIM interacts with EEM for security.

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