Where are my Advanced Reporting scheduled reports stored?
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Where are my Advanced Reporting scheduled reports stored?


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I have built Jaspersoft Adhoc reports in the Advanced Reporting and have set them to run on a schedule and I receive the emails that that report ran with a link. Are these reports also cached or saved somewhere in the Clarity application system so I can access to view them.





In Scheduling feature of Advanced Reporting the user can configure in the Output Options Tab the report to save in a folder. You can check for the report in this location, otherwise here are the steps to Output To Repository:
Run or Schedule an Advanced Report

Select output options (for example, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint) and distribution methods. You can also specify a locale. When the scheduled report runs, the report is presented in the specified language.
FormatsSelect a maximum of two options (for example, Powerpoint and Word, or PDF and Excel).Output to RepositoryBrowse to select the Shared folder (or a subfolder) or your own user folder (under Users). If you save to the Shared folder, other users can access your report. Only you can access the report if you save to your own user folder.
Output to Repository Examples:

We do not recommend that you save your report to the Clarity folder or any of its subfolders. These folders are overwritten during a system upgrade, and your reports are then lost.