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Jasper reports - no records found and appears like the bucket files are not being processed


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


When running the following Jasper reports it returns 'no records found' and appears like the buckets are not being processed.  Restarting the SRM OneClick did not help.

Current Port Assets (Customizable): All
Alarm Count Trend: All(7 and 30 days)




Spectrum : 10.x
CABI: 6.43

Component : SPCRPT : Spectrum Reporting


SRM 'Enable Security' having been able without proper security configuration in OneClick.


In this specific case, someone had enabled the 'Enable Security' option in the Report Manager Preferences screen. Once disabled
  the reports ran without issue.

Additional Information

The 'Enable Security' option uses  'Security Communities' (assigned to users) and 'Security Strings' (assigned to devices) in order
  to segregate devices from users or groups of users.

To use this option ensure the following conditions are met

- users have assigned 'Security Communities'

- users that need to access reports have the 'Report Manager \ View Data' privilege

- devices have assigned 'Security Strings' 

- Check that 'userSync' is enabled

Troubleshooting: Checking the 'security_string_accessibility_by_landscape' table in the reporting database