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Ideal program migration to an earlier release (from 15.1 to 14.0)


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Datacom Ideal


Ideal development environment has been upgraded to release 15.1 while the production environment is still running release 14.0.

Is a program compiled in an Ideal 15.1 environment (or 15.0) downward compatible? Can it be run on an Ideal 14.0 environment?


Release : 14.0

Release : 15.0

Release : 15.1

Component : Ideal


While Ideal is upward compatible, meaning that programs compiled in an earlier release will run in a later release, the opposite downward compatible possibility is not true.

When changes are done in a Test environment running version 15.x and you want to move the changes into a Production system that is still running version 14.0, you need to be aware of the special compilation procedure that needs to be used in test.

This is explained in the Ideal documentation. Please see Upgrading from an Earlier Version

Additional Information

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