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Programming Profile selection for dynamic users in TPX not Working with ACF2 as ESM.


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS ACF2


Assigning profiles for TPX  Dynamic users in an ACF2 environment does not appear to be behaving as expected.
All security in place for the relevant profile assignments.  Default profile in SMRT is set. (hard-coded)

Modified ACF2 resource rule to only allow access to another profile.
Nothing changed, even after a TPX recycle.
Profile assignment for dynamic users works in sandbox but moving to another environment, it fails ?


Release : 5.4
Component : CA-TPX  for Z/OS


Incorrect SMRT setting.
When the BYPASS MUSASS option is set to Y for yes; 
TPX will not turn on "ACVSMVAL" Flag which Indicates a request to validate the login id and password for a MUSASS.
ACF2 does not return the ACF2 ACVUCB address which is needed for TPX PROFILE or USER Level selection when the ACVSMVAL Flag is not on. 


Review SMRT option 9 parameter;
                            * Bypass MUSASS Processing _____               /    If set to 'Y' , change to 'N'.

Reload SMRT.

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Programming Profile Selection for Dynamic Users