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How to export QoS data to excel format?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Is it possible to pull CPU and Memory Data is an .xl format other than the graphical representation pulled from the UMP portal?




UIM 8.x,9.x,20.x



You can create a PRD report to show the CPU or memory information for a system and then use the PRD export function to save as a CSV file format that excel can read in.

Export CSV data
Click to export the chart data in CSV format.  The dialog displays the number of chart series and total data points for the chart. You can select a link to copy the csv formatted chart data to the clipboard, or select a button to download and save the data.  You have the option to select an aggregation value of “None” in order to display all data points instead of the aggregated data points displayed in the chart.

By default, the PRD chooses and automatic aggregation based on the time period in question. This can be changed to predefined formats including none.