Hints on converting TMC from CA-1 format to VM:Tape Format?
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Hints on converting TMC from CA-1 format to VM:Tape Format?


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VM:Tape for z/VM



I am undertaking a task of converting our VM:Tape implementation from a CA-1 formatted TMC to a native VM:Tape database. 
I found the VMTCON utility, but it doesn't look like it takes in a native CA-1 TMC. 

Is there a different tool or any other documentation on how to best accomplish this task?



Release : 2.0

Component : CA VM:Tape for zVM


1) Issue a FILEDEF pointing to the OS TMC file
2) Change the VMTAPE CONFIG to be configured for CMS TMC -> specify CMSTMC record ->
add SERIES records to indicate what tape ranges to include in the output TMC (only
volumes matching SERIES ranges will be
included in the output TMC, all others will be ignored/dropped)
3) Run VMTBUILD to create the CMS TMC.
4) Run VMTBUILD ( AUDIT to create an initial CMS AUDIT file.

Note -
Now that CA-1 is out of the picture, it used to perform SCRATCH processing.
After you implement and are running VMTAPE with the CMS TMC, you need to
schedule the VMTAPE SCRATCH command to run, usually once a day.

Also, will multiple VMTAPEs be sharing this TMC/AUDIT? If so, you need to
review and set up VM:Tape's SDC (Shared Disk Facility) to share the TMC/AUDIT files