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Unable to associate child obs department with a new Parent - Error: REVMGR-21102


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REVMGR-21102: Department child cannot be updated because association mode for one of the objects associated with its OBS is set to Lowest Unit.
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Create New OBS department ID parent
  2. Create New OBS Department ID child
  3. When I try to make the parent OBS a parent to the child OBS, I get the above error


  • This issue may only be seen for new departments, where some existing parent OBSs are able to be mapped as parents to the new department OBS child if they already have children / sub departments assigned to them. 


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This is due to one or more associated objects for the Department OBS being set to "Lowest Unit"
  • If the department you want to make a parent did not have any children prior to changing an associated object to “Lowest Unit”, it won’t allow you to make it a parent, because the department is considered the lowest level in the OBS.
  • If you created a department and added children to it prior to changing one of you associated objects to “Lowest Unit”, then change one associated object to “Lowest Unit”, you can assign new departments to this existing parent. This is because in this scenario, the parent is not considered the “Lowest Unit” because it already has children beneath it
  • See Configure an Organizational Breakdown Structure for more information on OBS and Lowest Unit behavior (excerpt below):
    • If the Association Mode for any associated object is set to Lowest Unit, you cannot add sub-departments after the lowest level.


Make sure all associated objects for the department OBS are set to "Any Unit" versus "Lowest Unit"
  1. Log in to Clarity PPM
  2. Navigate to Administration ->Organization and Access: OBS
  3. Click on the Department OBS
  4. View the objects in the Associated Object section and make sure they are set to "Any Unit".
  5. If not, set any set to "Lowest Unit" to "Any Unit" and then Click Save
If you want to use the setting of Lowest Unit but also create new parent/child departments:
  1. You could temporarily change the object association using the steps above to Any Unit then change back to Lowest Unit once complete. 
  2. It's recommended to test this first in non production.
  3. Important: Note the below impact referenced at Configure an Organizational Breakdown Structure before using this workaround in case this impacts your configuration.
    • If the default, override default, or both are set to any value other than the Lowest Unit, then the values for both these fields become blank when you change the 
      Association Mode from Any Unit to Lowest Unit
      If any instance of the associated object has a unit which is not set to Lowest Unit, an error message appears.
      When the read-only and mandatory fields are set and you change the Association Mode from Any Unit to Lowest Unit, an error message appears.

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