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Ad Hoc Report-CABI not showing Memory Value for UIM monitored Servers


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have integrated UIM and CABI and when trying to fetch the Memory utilization report, we see only hostname not the memory percentage values. 



Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - CABI


- Ad hoc report configuration


Please refer to:

Ad Hoc reporting 

Creating an ad hoc report in Jaspersoft is report configuration work, and therefore is not something in scope for Support. We handle break/fix issues, errors, exceptions, etc. You can either search online for Jaspersoft Training and use the Jaspersoft Studio client to create more advanced reports or seek some Jaspersoft training through HCL Services / education. 

That said, after trying this in the CABI Ad Hoc report interface, the report you're trying to create may be more easily accomplished using another method. Attached you'll find an sql script that you can run in SQL Server to generate QOS views. Then you can run queries against the View tables. Here is an example based on what is known about your requirements so far,

-- select * from V_QOS_MEMORY_PERC_USAGE # to view all the attributes you can use in a particular table for a given QOS.

Here is a query created for host memory usage.

select * from V_QOS_MEMORY_PERC_USAGE (to view the attributes)

select top 800 source as host, probe, sampletime, samplevalue as 'Memory Usage (%)'
from V_QOS_MEMORY_PERC_USAGE where sampletime > '2020-04-08 07:12:54'
order by samplevalue DESC

You can create a dashboard and use a table and this type of SQL query to populate the table widget, or you can use the sql_response probe to run the query and manipulate the results as well but I would recommend using a dashboard.