How to implement session timeout in Automic AWI - v12 only
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How to implement session timeout in Automic AWI - v12 only


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Please note: These instructions work in AWA 12.3.8 and before only.

These settings will not work in v21.0! 

Note that these settings are not documented in the regular documentation as they were never intended to work like this.  In version 21.0, using these settings, there have been instances of being logged out and having a blank screen brought up within seconds or minutes of logging in.  There are no designed features currently to allow for a timeout in version 21.0 directly within the AWI.  If using tomcat or a load balancer, there may be some way to accomplish this through those 3rd party products. 



Release : 12.x



In order to implement session timeout in v12.3, you must update the following 3 files:

  1. Apache Tomcat location\config\web.xml
    • Here you need to set the session timeout value: (for example 5 minutes)
      • <session-config>
  2. Apache Tomcat location\webapps\awi\config\uc4config.xml
    • Here you will turn off tcp keepalives
      • <tcpip_keepalive>0</tcpip_keepalive>
  3. Apache Tomcat location\webapps\awi\config\
    • Here you will set:
      • closeIdleSessions=true

  4. Then you must restart Apache Tomcat for these settings to take effect.

Additional Information

In the file located in the awi\config folder, the line "closeIdleSessions=true" can be added to force the timeout.