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VMWare Probe 7.14 Unable to Retrieve Remote Data


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Unable to retrieve remote data.

Message: Profile failed verification due to error (12) login failed, VMWare API is unavailable: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.

Resolution: Please check your connection details and retry.

Error Code: VM-001

Click Close to close dialog.

Click Retry to attempt to save your configuration again.


Release : 8.51

Component : UIM - VMWARE


- Unknown


The only real change we made was to change the userid to all lowercase (us\us_xxxx_nimsoft_xxx), and the userid vaue IS case-sensitive. Previously it was set to: us\us_xxxx_NimSoft_xxx.

The login/API connectivity errors/issues were either caused by changes to Loadbalancer settings, e.g., sticky sessions or some aspect of SAML - unknown since admins did not divulge what had been changed. After a discussion with the UIM admin, the login issues subsided and there was consistent connectivity.