Migrate IMS from OracleJVM to AdoptOpenJDK
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Migrate IMS from OracleJVM to AdoptOpenJDK


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I need some guidance/documentation on the steps necessary to migrate off of Oracle JVM to AdoptOpenJVM.  The documentation and community thread on this only reference the bulk loader and JCS which we don't use. 
Can you point me in the right direction to change Identity Manager overall to use the new AdoptOpenJDK?


Release : 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4

Component : Identity Minder(Identity Manager)


Please see the community thread here:

which links to the product documentation and the steps to update Bulk Loader and JCS with AdoptOpenJDK

If you would like to reset your Application server from Oracle JDK to the AdoptOpen JDK your Application server administrator should be able to help with this conversion.  

As an example, for JBOSS and Wildfly changing the JDK in use is as simple as installing a supported AdoptOpenJDK then updating the java_home system variable in the (for Wildfly) \wildfly-8.2.1.Final\bin\standalone.bat and I believe that is all that will need to change:

1. Stop Identity Manager Server service

2. Install JAVA new version.

3. Change JAVA_HOME of environment variable to PATH of new installed JAVA

4. Change the JAVA_HOME parameter in \Wildflyhome\bin\standalone.bat

set "JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk1.8.0_212"

5. Start Identity Manager Server service

Additional Information

There are Cumulative Patch requirements for AdoptOpenJDK support.  Please check the product documentation for your specific version and ensure you are at the latest Cumulative Patch prior to attempting to switch to the AdoptOpenJDK