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Upgrade from UIM 8.51 to 9.02 is stuck at 8%


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The UIM installation is stuck at 8% showing an sql statement/script running: sqlserver_discovery_server_create.sql


Release: 8.51

Component : UIMINS


- blocked database processes


During the customer's UIM upgrade from 8.51 to 9.02 on a Microsoft cluster node, the installation process stalled at 8%, during the execution of the sqlserver_discovery_server_create.sql statement.

We obtained a copy of the statement from 9.02 and ran it manually/separately, as sa in MS SQL Server studio, but it was taking a longer time than expected, e.g., over 10 mins, so we executed the stored procedure, sp_who2 to list currently active processes and to examine the output to see if any processes were being blocked. There were 2 blocked process entries. We saw there was a SUSPENDED ALTER TABLE process and the related process was wasp.

SPID    Status    Login    HostName    BlkBy    DBName    Command    CPUTime    DiskIO    LastBatch    ProgramName    SPID    REQUESTID
56       SUSPENDED                         sa    NMXXXX07    566      NimsoftSLM    ALTER TABLE         688    37    04/09 10:09:12    Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - Query                               56       0

So we deactivated wasp on the UIM/UMP machines and the sqlserver_discovery_server_create.sql in SQL Server Studio, was able to finish almost immediately.

We reran the UIM install (upgrade) process and it was able to surpass the 8 percent mark, and move on to finish without any further issues.

We then ran the UMP upgrade to 9.02 and it finished successfully within ~15 minutes.

Additional Information

The sqlserver_discovery_server_create.sql statement for UIM 9.02, is attached to this article.


1586447963415__sqlserver_discovery_server_create.sql get_app