FND User 'Autosys' (oracle_user) not found
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FND User 'Autosys' (oracle_user) not found


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I'm running a job the user is created on the DB, but the job fails with error 

Agent Status Log

"FND User Autosys not found"

Agent Status

"Problem with OA job data"



Release : 11.3.5

Component : CA Workload Automation System Agent


Oracle Application jobs fail with oracle user defined in autosys for OA type jobs "job_type: oaset"


- Resolution here is dependent on what oracle_user defined and have to make sure user name (oracle_user) is case sensitive.
- If oracle_user is 'Autosys', Need to change it to 'autosys'

From the Agent status log "Autosys" indicates oracle_user.
Meaning "Autosys" is used as an example for oracle_user.