Getting error ‘Security mechanism not supported’
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Getting error ‘Security mechanism not supported’


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Trying to connect DB2 database(mainframe) using JDBC connection(for GTSUBSET) and getting error ‘Security mechanism not supported’  we have placed db2jcc jar file under GTDatamaker/lib folder and still facing same issue. Can you check with any expert if they can suggest anything on this.

Error Detail:

[jcc][1071][10615][4.19.26] Caught while initializing EncryptionManager.  See attached Throwable for details. ERRORCODE=-4223, SQLSTATE=null


All supported TDM releases.


According to the IBM documentation, you need to configure the JVM, JCC driver, and DB2 encryption. See the below article.

"How to configure Oracle JVM, JCC driver, and DB2 encryption?"


The Answer provided by IBM:

"To use AES, install the "Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy" files from Oracle.

For SERVER_ENCRYPT authentication, configure both DB2 and the JCC driver for AES encryption instead of the default DES.

Set the ALTERNATE_AUTH_ENC database manager configuration parameter to a value of AES_CMP or AES_ONLY
Set thee JCC datasource properties securityMechanism and encryptiongAlgortihm.


Additional Information

For DATA_ENCRYPT authentication refer to the following technote.

Using authentication type DATA_ENCRYPT with ORACLE Java