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UIM - USM shows garbage characters for localized language


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After upgrading to UIM 9.0.2 we see users with German Display Settings garbage / corrupt characters in USM and ListReports and no translation is done.



Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - UMP_USM


That is caused by defect files in i18n folder within wasp probe folder.

The garbage character is coming due to some of the string has been modified and missed for language conversation ( Localization Process ) and displaying the garbage character on the screen for the language other than English.

The German from UIM 9.0.2 looks like:

rs#ace.err.cfgDataError = ä Error in configuration ß[[BCGP0]]
rs#ace.err.cfgDataSend = ä Error sending configuration ß[[BCGQ0]]
rs#ace.err.db = ä Unable to get probe version from database. ß[[BCGR0]]

The German from UIM 8.5.1 looks correct:

rs#ace.err.cfgDataError = Fehler in der Konfiguration

rs#ace.err.cfgDataSend = Fehler beim Senden der Konfiguration
rs#ace.err.db = Die Probe-Version kann nicht aus der Datenbank abgerufen werden.


Fix for the localization will be issued as part of UIM 20.3 release.


A workaround for the issue is to use the old localization file attached to this KB. 

This will work for all the string which is already localized and those are not localized will display the English Language.

The Steps to deploy the file is :

1. Login to ump Machine
2. Go property file folder "Nimsoft_Install_Dir\probes\service\wasp\i18n"
3. Take the backup of the file ""
4. Copy the downloaded "" file in "i18n" folder
5. Restart the wasp and verify the solution.


1586420567143__Nimsoft_de (1).properties get_app