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E190108 Validation timed out after 600 seconds.


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After a  server outage we failed to validate autosys server for WCC console and getting below error:

"E190108 Validation timed out after 600 seconds. Please try again"


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)

O.S : Linux


Csam which connects to application server could be down which leads to validation failure in WCC


1. Source profile.CA in WCC server so it recognizes all AE variables.

2. Notice if csam process If its running.
   In Detail Csam usually needed for port multiplexing. WCC communicated to Application Server using Csam. 
   "ps -ef| grep csam" proved no process existing!

3. If Csam is not running  in wcc server in path "/opt/CA/SharedComponents/Csam/SockAdapter/bin/"csampmux"  
   Start Csam "./ csampmux start"

4. Verify csam process if running

5. Validate WCC with autosys server