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CA-Faver and BMC Optimizer performance differences while backing up VSAM files


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FAVER VSAM Data Protection for z/OS


One of our end-user mentioned that they were facing issue with CA FAVER product where BMC Optimizer is not being used while backing up VSAM files which is causing job to run for long.

Could you please help on what/why it is causing delay in the Job?



Release : 4.5

Component : CA Faver VSAM Data Protection


Faver has no direct interface for BMC Optimizer. Recommended BUFSPMAX changes to enlarge buffers used by Faver if Optimizer is not used.

Page 168 of the Faver User Guide describes the BUFSPMAX values and purpose.  The GVPARM function must be used to make the value a default.

BUFSPMAX Control Statement
The BUFSPMAX control statement sets the maximum amount of main memory that GVEXPORT will allocate to data buffers in bytes.
LINES Syntax
►►─ BUFSPMAX=n ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────►◄

n is the maximum number of bytes. n can be any value from 65536 to 4194304.

BUFSPMAX Usage Rules
■ GVEXPORT may allocate significantly less storage than the value given in BUFSPMAX based on various environmental conditions during EXPORT processing.
■ Large BUFSPMAX values are more effective for clusters with larger physical record sizes.