GT-Diagrammer tool Slowness
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GT-Diagrammer tool Slowness


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are not able to export the diagram having 1762 tables registered.  File -> Export as Image. suddenly Diagrammer stopping.



Release : 4.8

Component : CA Test Data Manager


The GT Diarammer is a 32-bit application. Therefore, the machines Operating System will only allocate a maximum of 2GB (about 1.8 GB for Windows) to the application. As mentioned in the GT Diagrammer Tutorial video (, if you open more than 1,000 tables, the application will be slow. Since you are opening 1,762 tables, you are likely hitting the upper memory limit set by the OS, and the process is running out of memory.

This can be confirmed by launching the Windows Task Manager, or running SysInternal's Process Monitor, and watch the size of memory consumed by the GTDiagrammer.exe process. Your options are to open a smaller number of tables, or have your Windows system administrator try configuring your system to use the 3GB Switch to provide an additional 1Gb of memory for 32-bit applications. However, this doesn't guarantee you still will not hit the upper memory limit during the export, or open an Enhancement request, asking Product Management to consider creating a 64-bit GT Diagrammer application.

For more information, see which the TDM GT Diagrammer

Additional Information

For information regarding opening Enhancement Request for TDM, see KB Article 9611 "How to Submit an Enhancement Request for Test Data Manager" (