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Change in TEWS Response to included error message key may causes a custom TEWS application to fail to parse the response


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Portal CA Identity Suite


After applying 14.3 CP1, the TEWS Response for a failed TEWS Request now includes the message key from the file as <tews:msgKey>####</tews:msgKey>, for example as highlighted below:" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="" xmlns:xsi="">
         <faultstring>Unknown processing error.</faultstring>
            <tews:ImsException version="6.0">
                  <tews:description>Unable to copy object, object could not be found. key: Subject.0.UniqueName value: jhs200324.</tews:description>

While the response back is valid, if the application is not expecting the response to have "<tews:msgKey>[MESSAGE key]</tews:msgKey>" then parsing of the response may fail.


Release : 14.3 CP1

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


The change in the TEWS response was made to facilitate better error handling in Identity Portal (which also uses TEWS), and it is a configuration requirement in IP.


Custom TEWS applications needing to parse an error response should be modified to handle this new information in the response.