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Rally: Timesheets page shows Loading... but never loads


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


When clicking on Timesheets, the page shows "Loading..." but never loads.


The issue is caused by Browser Extensions, AdBlock or uBlock Origin, which prevent the page from loading.


Add an exception to AdBlock or uBlock for this page to allow timesheets to load. 

In AdBlock, click the icon on your toolbar and click Don't Run on This Page.

In uBlock, click the icon on your toolbar, hold down <Control> key and click the disable button.

These instructions may vary slightly as the owners update the extensions. They may also be different if you use a Plus or Premium edition of these extensions such as AdBlock Plus.  But the goal remains the same - add an exception for the Timesheets page.

Once you have added an exception for the page, refresh your page, it should load.  If it doesn't, you likely have another blocker extension that needs to have an exception for the Timesheets page.