OPSLOG approaching 'wrap' condition (OPS3445O message) without secondary OPSLOG defined
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OPSLOG approaching 'wrap' condition (OPS3445O message) without secondary OPSLOG defined


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


OPSLOG approaching  'wrap' condition without secondary OPSLOG defined yet. 


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


Before having a chance to recycle OPS/MVS, do the following steps:
1. Allocate a VSAM data set for a secondary (backup) OPSLOG, for example, OPSLOG2, using member DEFDIV of hql.CCLXCNTL.

2. Use primary command “NEW” on the “Command ==>” line of OPSVIEW panel 4.13 . This defines a new OPSLOG definition. Put the Log name ==> OPSLOG2 (For example), then put the data set name you defined in step 1 to OPSLOG DSNAME, and set the Optional fields as well.

3. Put the DD names of your primary and secondary OPSLOG in the )INIT section of rule OPS3345O in hlq.CCLXRULS and Enable it. Besides the rule OPS3445O, copy the REXX program with the same name OPS3445O from the library CCLXSAMP to a library in the SYSEXEC concatenation of the OPSOSF servers.This is good for the live OPSLOG which is still running less than 80% full. Otherwise, the OPS3445O message would have been issued, in that situation, a manual switching(line command: A, then L) to the secondary OPSLOG is needed. 

When having a chance to recycle OPS/MVS in the future, before recycling, edit the OPSSPA00 in CCLXCNTL to include the primary and secondary OPSLOG, then bring up OPS/MVS. Message rule OPS3445O should be enabled as well.