Binary file has been corrupted wil migrating to production server
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Binary file has been corrupted wil migrating to production server


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A binary file has been corrupted while migrating from the Harvest server to a production server, and no migration logs have been saved in the Harvest server & tool for the same. The first time the file got corrupted, the size of the file was different from the original one, so we copied it manually using SCP.  The next time we tried, the file size and time stamp did not differ. It is the same as the actual file. But when we checked it, we found that the file had been corrupted. Do we have any other way to trace the log from the Harvest server or from Harvest tool?


Release : Alll versions and platforms

Component : CA Harvest Software Change Manager


The 2 possible causes of getting a corrupted file when you check it out from Harvest to the production server are:

1. The file was corrupted when it was checked in
2. Something happened during the file transfer process to cause the corruption


If it would be possible to go to Workbench or the command line utilities and try to check out this file locally, then try to execute or open it you will know then if the file version was corrupted before checking it in. That would decide if option 1 above is the cause of the problem.

If we learn that the file was not corrupted at the time when you checked it in, then the other possibility is that something happened when this file was being sent over the network to the production server to cause the corruption.