SOI manager fails to start after applying SO09444
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SOI manager fails to start after applying SO09444


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


SOI manager fails to start after applying SO09444. The following error was found in CA\SOI\tomcat\logs\soimgr-debug.log

"Initial SessionFactory creation failed:
ContextException: Error invoking the constructor for the context object: id "" at scope "global", class ""
java.lang.VerifyError: Stack map does not match the one at exception handler 62
Exception Details:
    com/aprisma/spectrum/app/util/common/Model.<init>(Lcom/aprisma/spectrum/app/util/common/CsModelHandle;Lcom/aprisma/spectrum/app/util/attribute/AttributeColumnMap;)V @62: aload
    Type 'com/aprisma/spectrum/app/util/common/Model' (current frame, locals[0]) is not assignable to uninitializedThis (stack map, locals[0])
  Current Frame:
    bci: @22
    flags: { flagThisUninit }
    locals: { 'com/aprisma/spectrum/app/util/common/Model', 'com/aprisma/spectrum/app/util/common/CsModelHandle', 'com/aprisma/spectrum/app/util/attribute/AttributeColumnMap', 'com/aprisma/spectrum/app/util/common/Model', 'com/wily/introscope/agent/trace/IMethodTracer' }
    stack: { 'java/lang/Throwable' }
  Stackmap Frame:
    bci: @62
    flags: { flagThisUninit }
    locals: { uninitializedThis, 'com/aprisma/spectrum/app/util/common/CsModelHandle', 'com/aprisma/spectrum/app/util/attribute/AttributeColumnMap', uninitializedThis, 'com/wily/introscope/agent/trace/IMethodTracer' }
    stack: { 'java/lang/Throwable' }
    0x0000000: 2a4e 1301 1612 f512 f713 0115 0112 fcb8
    0x0000010: 00ed 3a04 2a2b b700 072a 01b5 0008 2a01
    0x0000020: b500 092a 03b5 000b 2a2c b500 0819 042d
    0x0000030: b901 0002 0019 04b9 00f3 0100 00b1 1904
    0x0000040: b900 f301 00bf 1904 b900 f301 00bf    
  Exception Handler Table:
    bci [22, 25] => handler: 62
    bci [25, 62] => handler: 70"


Release : 4.2

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager


This can be caused by having an older APM agent enabled on the SOI manager or SOI UI server.


- Back up your current SOI folder on your SOI UI and SOI manager server

Please check the following files:


SOI manager host:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SOI\jsw\conf\SAM-IntegrationServices.conf

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SOI\jsw\conf\soi-manager.conf


SOI UI server host:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SOI\jsw\conf\soi-user-interface.conf


For these entries:**=-javaagent:<YOUR PATH>/Agent.jar**=-Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfile=<YOUR PATH>/IntroscopeAgent.profile**=-Dcom.wily.introscope.agent.agentName=<YOUR AGENT NAME>


If they exist, comment them out using a #

- Save the files

- Now apply the patch again


Additional Information

the numbers seen after each additional java property entry will vary by environment**