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MOI CABI Reporting and Dashboarding Changes in MOI Hot FIx ca_itoa-hotfix-02.0.05-200861840.noarch.iso


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


Summary of the changes to MOI CABI reporting and dashboarding included in the latest MOI Hot Fix ISO file - ca_itoa-hotfix-02.0.05-200861840.noarch.iso

- MOI reports and dashboards will reflect the user/browser timezone.

- The NOW button in the calendar picker is now user/browser timezone.

- When a new live feed is started, the LPAR will be listed in the filter criteria for ZOSSYSTEM during report creation,  but there may be a delay of up to one hour before it is listed. 

- Reporting data can be correlated with Green Highways.

- Any report or dashboard which has a timestamp filter with fixed value would also be changed to user/browser timezone. 

Example: A report created with TIMESTAMP filter "2020-01-01 10:00:00" would be changed to "2020-01-01 05:00:00" automatically, if the user/browser timezone is CST


Release : 2.0    


Service pack:  2.0.05


Reporting issue has been identified as a conflict with the display time zone that MOI Reports and MOI User Interface are using. A fix is being developed to sync these two different time zones up.

Additional Information

Please open a Case with Broadcom Support Online if you would like to apply this MOI Hot Fix ISO update to your MOI Appliance.    The MOI Hot Fix ISO will be provided along with instructions on how to apply it.