Starting my CA Datacom Multi-User Facility (called MUF) fails, and gives a message DB01208E - RESTART, COMPLETE WITH ERROR(S)


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I am trying to start my CA Datacom Multi-User Facility (called MUF) after it was cancelled, and now it won't start. It also issues this message -

How can I fix this so my MUF will start again?


z/os, CA Datacom/DB or AD 


This message indicates that there was some in-flight activity taking place when the MUF crashed or was cancelled, and this message is issued so that you can determine whether or not to try and clean up these activities and either reapply the updates or back out what was done.

Typically, this message will appear in the MUF output:

This DB13087I message indicates what databases were open and may need special handling to restart the MUF.

If this is a non-production system and having the updates re-applied is not important, you would add a statement like this to your MUF Startup Options

This option indicates to the MUF that it is not to reprocess any transactions found in the log file (LXX), but that they are to be ignored at startup.

However, if you want to reprocess the in-flight updates, you would add this statement:

...where nnn is the database ID found in the DB13087I message that shows UPDATE USERS-YES.

Once you have made this change to the MUF Startup Options, save the file and start the MUF as usual.

NOTE: When the MUF is up and running, you will need to edit the MUF Startup Options file again and comment or delete the NORESTART or DORESTART options to prevent them from being processed at the next startup. If you do not do this, a subsequent restart could process or bypass log records, leading to unexpected results in your data.

For more information about the DORESTART and NO RESTART options, please refer to the CA Datacom/DB Database and System Administration Guide, in the section "Using the Multi-User Facility › Modifying MUF Startup Options."
For more information about using Logging, please refer to the CA Datacom/DB Database and System Administration Guide, in the section "Using Logging."

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.

Additional Information

ATTENTION: See related document where that parameter has been deprecated (via APAR #: SO05964 ) and replaced by DORESTART_TODAY and NORESTART_TODAY