Need assistance with password encryption
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Need assistance with password encryption


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort) CA Strong Authentication CA Rapid App Security CA Risk Authentication CA Advanced Authentication


We use CA Strong Authentication, WebFort Authminder for Multi Factor Authentication in our Organization. As per company policy, we have to change the password length to be a minimum of 15 char. The current password that we use in our Non-Prod Arcot SQL Server Database doesn't meet this requirement. So we need your assistance to change this password since it's encrypted and stored in securestore.enc file. Thanks!


Release : 9.0

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)


To change the Database password please follow the below steps.

1. Run the DBTul tool from ARCOT_HOME/tools directory
2. ./DBUtil.exe -pd <DBUserName>
 This will remove the old password associated with the DB user.
3. ./DBUtil.exe -pi <DBUserName> <DBPassword>
 This will insert the new password in securestore.enc file.
4. Copy over this updated securestore.enc file to other servers or run the tool on other Strong Auth/ Risk Auth servers.
5. Restart the Strong Auth and Risk Auth and application server to connect to DB with the new password.

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