Metric Family filter is not working in Performance Management
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Metric Family filter is not working in Performance Management


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Created a custom Monitoring Profile to collect metrics for devices managing VPN connections for reporting.

The filter, in this case for Memory items, isn't working. The items to be filtered out remain Active and polled.

In this case we're working with the Memory Metric Family. We're filtering out standard 32 bit Memory Pool items as having known bad data, in favor of 64 bit Enhanced Memory Pool items with good Memory Utilization data.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Discovery


The Collection the devices belong to is associated to more than on Monitoring Profile that contains the Memory Metric Family. The ones without the filter, using the default filter of "*" is overriding the custom filter in the other Memory Metric Families set via their different Monitoring Profiles.

The cause is easily identified. Start by opening two browser tabs.

  • In one go to a sample device in the Monitored Devices inventory. Select it's Monitoring Profiles tab.
  • In the other go to the Monitoring Profiles list.

In the devices Monitoring Profiles tab, select each Collection the device belongs to.

For each Monitoring Profile associated to those Collections, go to the other tab and examine them for instances of the Metric Family involved.

Is there one that remains with a "*" filter set that would be overriding the custom filters set in others?


A few possible solutions exist.
  1. Remove the devices from the Collection that ties them to the Metric Family and it's Monitoring Profile where the "*" filter exists.
  2. Remove the Metric Family with the default "*" filter from the Monitoring Profile it exists in.
  3. Add the same filter applied to the other Metric Families to the one that remains with the default filter set.
Notes of caution:
  • Option A may remove the devices association to some required Certifications.
  • Option B may remove metrics from devices that are needed.
  • Option C may impact more devices than desired, and may filter out items from devices where that filtering is not wanted.