Rally - Jira Connector: Basic auth error in logs
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Rally - Jira Connector: Basic auth error in logs


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Rally On-Premise


When executing the connector while using Jira Cloud, the following error is seen in the logs and the connector fails to synchronize data
[2020-04-03 17:49:27 Z] DEBUG : RallyJest::JiraComm.execute_request - Basic auth with password is not allowed on this instance


Release : SAAS

Component : Agile Central WIC for Atlassian JIRA 6


There are two causes for this
Out of date version
Atlassian recently updated their cloud platform so that basic authentication is no longer allowed while accessing the API.  Rally has updated the connector to support this new method of authentication.

Incorrect authentication parameters
In some circumstances, having incorrect values specified for the authentication section can cause this.


Ensure you are running the latest version of the connector.  You will need version 4.8.2 master 12.  This can be identified in the logs with the following line:
ca_agile_central2_jira_connector  version: 4.8.2-53

If you are running this version or later, then the issue likely to do with the authentication directives specified.
If this is the case, ensure that your <JiraConnection> section is
  • Using email address as the login
  • Using a token as the password
  • Including the <AccountID> directive