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Gantt Vertical Scrollbar Disappears in Firefox


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When the PPM Gantt is opened, depending on the Zoom setting in the Firefox browser, the vertical scroll bar disappears and you can't scroll down the list of tasks.

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. In a Firefox browser window, open an existing project or create a new project having enough tasks at least two fill two browser windows on the gantt
2. Make sure that the browser zoom is set to 100% or greater
3. Open the task list in the Gantt and notice that the vertical scroll bar is present
4. Change the browser zoom to anything less than 100%

Expected Results: The vertical scroll bar is still present to scroll to the bottom of the task list. 
Actual Results: The vertical scroll bar disappears so there is not a way to scroll to the bottom of the list.


Release : 15.7.1



Caused by DE54302


DE54302 is fixed on 15.9 and back-ported to 15.8.1 patch 2. 

Workaround: Change the browser zoom to 100% or greater. 

Additional Information

It also applies to Chrome 88.0.4324.104, Microsoft Edge 88.0.705.53 using Clarity PPM releases below 15.9

In Chrome 85 there is no issues on any Clarity release