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Filter attribute configured to Display Color Pull-Down in Portlets using Dynamic Query Data Provider is not working


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When a portlet uses a dynamic query data provider, the configuration of numeric attributes using color display mappings for filtering is not working as expected. The functionality works as expected for Stock and User-defined Portlets using an Object Data Provider and it works for Object Views.
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Log in as an administrator user  
  2. Create a user-defined dynamic query that defines some numeric attributes (or use an existing query provided by Clarity or PMO such as the Milestones or Project Manager Schedule Dashboard queries)  
  3. In Administration, Query, Attributes page, edit a metric, numeric attribute. Update the definition of the attribute to define the color mappings. (in the PMO portlets, Use a field such as Days Late, Days Late %, Schedule or Schedule %)  
  4. In Administration, Portlets, List Filter Section [Layout] - add the field and configure the definition to show image (this will allow you to see existing data with different colors)  
  5. In List Filter Section [Fields] - edit the field definition to 'Display Color Pull-Down'  
  6. Make a Note: Also on the List Filter Section Attribute Properties page, there is a field for selecting the Filter Default Value -- If you pull-down the listing, the list is expanded, but you do not see any words to denote the different colors mapped to the attribute  
  7. Publish the portlet if needed or as the end-user, if needed, restore defaults to view the changes in the portlet  
  8. Navigate to the portlet (Home, General, Project Dashboard, Project Manager Schedule Dashboard): see the existing data for different colors of the attribute displayed in the layout  
  9. Use the Filter to select one of the colors showing in the list of data and click 'Filter' button  
  10. AFTER clicking Filter ; no changes in the data rows  
  11. Another filtering attempt on the Schedule% field, AFTER clicking the Filter button ; no changes in data rows  
Expected Result: The filtering should return only matching rows for the selected color of this attribute
Actual Result: The filtering spins; it seems to process something, but the number of rows is not changed ; no filtering is accomplished
CLRT-73835 : Resolved in CA PPM 14.2


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus