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Current Timesheet redirects to timesheets portlet with error TMA-0124


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Clarity PPM SaaS


From classic PPM clicking on the "Current Timesheet" icon (clock symbol) at the top right of the page is meant to open the logged in user's current timesheet. But for a newly created user in the system it redirects to the timesheets portlet - PPMURL.../niku/nu#action:timeadmin.timesheetBrowserReturn

The user is newly created and is not finding timesheets in any status and hence cannot enter time against timesheets. 

TMA-0124: Timesheet not found for current timeperiod. Please select available timesheet from list.


Release : 15.6.1, 15.7.1 and 15.8



Scenario 1:
No timesheets associated to the resource . In this likely scenario there should be one of these steps missing in the resource setup which should ideally allows a new PPM user to find timesheets to track time.

1. Resource properties time tracking setting "open for time entry" should be enabled.

2. Resource properties time tracking setting "Track mode" should be set to PPM.

3. Resource general properties : check if date of hire is earlier than today or blank / null

4. Resource general properties : check termination date is after the present date or blank / null

Possibility 2:

If the current, next and previous timesheets have been submitted, the system will show the same error.

This feature will show the earliest unsubmitted timesheet around the current time period. 

The algorithm to determine what is the "current timesheet" and will navigate the user to the earliest open timesheet determined from the following logic:

The "current" timesheet - the timesheet that has a start date before the current time and a finish date after the current date/time
OR The "next" timesheet - the timesheet that has the earliest start date after the current date/time
OR The "previous" timesheet - the timesheet that has the latest finish date before the current date/time