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Firefox Monitor failing in ASM


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CA App Synthetic Monitor DX Application Performance Management


We have created a Firefox monitor with "ASM Script Recorder"

This monitor is showing following issues:

The script is showing as Firefox (Obsolete) monitor.

When we go in details, it is mostly showing following errors.

9501, 1042, (-95), (-94),       

If we run this script locally via Script Recorder, it is working good with no errors.

There are other Firefox monitors that are working fine.


Release : ASM SAAS



All of the errors point to the below problem.  It cannot find favicon.ico.  Since it works from the desktop, most likely one of two things.  
1. The page is not rendering fast enough for the request from the station.  
2. The stations firefox drivers are very old and are not kept up with the current browser of today.  
We are winding down RBM monitors and will obsolete them very soon.  
Webdriver monitors are their replacement.  
Best thing to do would be start migrating RBM monitors to Webdriver monitors.  
We are no longer doing any development work on RBM's.