I am running CA Common Services/ENF with an external Multi-User Facility (called MUF). When I try to shut down the MUF, it won't come down. What do I need to do?


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When running CA Datacom/AD with CA Common Services/ENF, I am using the MUF as a separate task external to ENF. I tried to shut down the MUF, but it sat there and would not come down. How do I stop the MUF?


Normally, the CA Common Services/ENF Multi-User Facility (called MUF) is run within the CA ENF address space through the use of the ENFIMUF proc and the "IMUF" statement in the ENFPARMS file. In this circumstance, shutting down ENF will also shut down the MUF.

However, in cases where the MUF is run standalone, or externally to the CA ENF task, management of the MUF must be handled separately from ENF. In this traditional MUF configuration, the applications using the MUF must end before the MUF can be shut down. In many cases, it is possible to issue the command to shut down the MUF (/F mufname,EOJ), and when the last application task has disconnected, the MUF will complete its termination processing.

In the case of the ENF processing with the MUF, issuing the EOJ command prior to ending ENF will cause the MUF to wait for ENF to complete its processing. Unfortunately, one of the last pieces of work done by ENF involves database work, so you could have a situation where the MUF is waiting for ENF to finish, and ENF is waiting for the MUF to be available so it can finish.

In the scenario where the EOJ command is issued before ENF has ended, you will see something like this on a Console Status (/F mufname,STATUS):

DB01330I - ENF 56448 1 NOT ACTIVE

The normal response would be to then issue the command to end ENF (/P enfname). This would result in messages like these:

CAS9337I - DBC/API initialized successfully.
CAS9349I - DBC entering quiesce mode due to DB drain detect
CAS9214I - CA-ENF Command: SPL,CLOSE
CAS9368E - Error processing command : SPL / function : LOAD RC = 00000012
CAS9337I - DBC/API initialized successfully.
CAS9349I - DBC entering quiesce mode due to DB drain detect
CAS9337I - DBC/API initialized successfully.

In this situation, you need to "turn off" the EOJ command for the MUF so that ENF can complete its processing. To do this, issue the EOJOFF command to the MUF (/F mufname,EOJOFF), and once the ENF task has ended, you can once again issue the EOJ command to the MUF.

For more information on shutting down the MUF with the EOJ command, and cancelling the EOJ command, please refer to theCA Datacom/DB Database and System Administration Guide, in the section "Using the Multi-User Facility › Terminating the MUF" and also the CA Datacom/DB DBUTLTY Reference Guide, in the section "COMM (Communicate with MUF) › COMM EOJ (End MUF Processing)."

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.


Release: CA90SV00200-14.1-Common Services-for z/OS