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Able to modify the Booking Status, not having Resource – Hard Book rights


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a user and add all access rights except the Resource - Hard Book - All one
2. Login as that user
3. Create a project and add a team member to the project
4. On The Classic UI, on the team list view notice the Booking Status field
5. The field is not editable (when the user has got Hard Booking rights, the field is editable)
6. Check the Staff Member Properties page. The Booking Status field is also read-only (when the user has got Hard Booking rights, the field is editable).
7. Back on the team list, select the Soft Booked team member 
8. On the Actions menu, select the Set Allocation action 
9. Set the Booking Status field to Hard
Expected Results: To get an error: You do not have the rights to perform the action
Actual Results: The team member is Hard Booked when I do not have rights to do so.


This is caused by DE54281


This is fixed as from version 15.9.2