Getting error message AFPP-407-W: Barcode objects are not supported in line descriptor


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We have just upgraded CA-Spool.
We are now seeing the following undocumented error on some AFP to PCL conversions which are failing the prints:

AFPP-407-W: Barcode objects are not supported in line descriptor.

Another message reporting the same error that can be seen is: AFPP-207-W: Barcode objects are not supported.


The C based transformers, the only version that was available in 11.5, do not support BCOCA objects.

At some time Xenos started to flag that situation as a warning by issuing one of messages AFPP-207-W or AFPP-407-W.

TRANSFRM options Y or Z can be used to force the delivery of the files that received the warning.

TRANSFRM option Y allows files with transformation warnings to print.
TRANSFRM option Z allows files with transformation errors to print. \
Y is for return code 4, Z is for return code 8.

The Java transformers that were added to CA Spool r11.6 do support BCOCA objects.
If you install and configure the Java transformers, you can use the DEFAULT=BCOCA parameter on the X2YYDEF parameter statement to automatically call the Java transformers when message AFPP-407-W is issued.

Please, refer to the CA Spool Java Transformers Administration Guide for the complete details about installing and using the Java Transformers.

Related CA Spool documentations: CA Spool Customization Guide, CA Spool AFP Transformers Administration Guide.


Release: CMASLI00200-11.6-Spool-Print Management-Interface for HP Laser

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