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CA XCOM for Windows r11.6 SP00 uninstall - missing Uninstaller directory and Uninstaller.exe


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - Windows


We are uninstalling the XCOM Data transport Windows,version 11.6 SP00 on a Windows server 2008 (64-bit).
According to the current documentation uninstallation section, the program executable %XCOM_HOME%\Uninstaller\Uninstaller.exe must be run.
However directory Uninstaller is missing from under the %XCOM_HOME% installation directory:
CA XCOM DATA TRANSPORT FOR WINDOWS 11.6 SERVICE PACKS > Installing and Upgrading > Uninstall or Roll Back


The XCOM for Windows installer changed between XCOM r11.6 SP00 and XCOM r11.6 SP01 i.e. XCOM r11.6 SP00 used InstallShield while SP01 and later uses InstallAnywhere.
InstallAnywhere creates an Uninstaller directory under the %XCOM_HOME% installation directory while the previous InstallShield does not.
So the uninstall steps in the current online techdocs for XCOM for Windows reflect the latest InstallAnywhere behaviour.


Release : 11.6
Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows


The old 11.6 Administration Guide pdf manual refers to "Control Panel/Programs and Features" for the uninstall step (Page 20) which reflects the InstallShield behaviour:
CA XCOM™ Data Transport® for Windows Server/Professional Administration Guide Release 11.6
"Control Panel/Programs and Features" should be used to uninstall r11.6 SP00

Additional Information

If the uninstall fails there is also an XCOM cleanup utility that can be used. See this KB article for details on how to use and access the cleanup utility:
CA XCOM for Windows install fails with "already installed" message after previous XCOM uninstall