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DevTest JDBC data set properties, derived from another column on the same line, are not resolved correctly


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test


When using a property in a JDBC dataset that is based on another column in the same dataset, then this shows an incorrect value.
The problem is for row 2 and following rows.

For example, the following is stored in a table:
name  fullname
abc     {{name}}
def      {{name}}

When selecting the first row, using a JDBC dataset, this is shown as:
name = abc, fullname = abc

However, when selecting the second row, this is shown as:
name = def, fullname = abc

An Excel dataset does not have this problem.


Release : 10.3

Component : CA Service Virtualization


A patch is available for DevTest 10.3
Open a case with support and request patch_DE444777_10.3.0_GA.jar