COBOL v5 Internal Error
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COBOL v5 Internal Error


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After applying PTFs for COBOL 5, getting ***** INTERNAL ERROR ****** when installing.

Browse your <uid>.IEF.TSYSPRT and see the failure to retrieve the new parameter value for TIRC2VER.

BROWSE    .IEF.TISYSPRT                     
Command ===>                                       
********************************* Top of Data ******
TICINST: vget error on ICMONLY, assume N. RC = 8    
TICINST: vget error on BCTLONLY assume N. RC = 8    
TICINST: vget error on HASICM, assume N. RC = 8     
TICIBLD: vget failed for TIRC2VER. RC = 84          
******************************** Bottom of Data ****

PTF's for COBOL 5 are published for Gen 8.0 and 8.5 as follows:

Gen 8.0 RO68840, RO68841

Gen 8.5 RO69161, RO69163, RO69164

The "Internal Error" message can be received for other reasons. However if the above PTF's have been recently applied, check and apply the solution below to resolve the installation error.


If the Gen PTF's for COBOL v5 have been installed prior to the configuration of your Gen

installation, the following steps may not be necessary. However, check for the

existence of the parameter listed below. If that line already exists

there is no need to repeat it


  1. Locate your TIUPARML dataset (<GENHLQ>.PARMLIB)

  2. Edit member TIRHE for host encyclopedia, and/or TIRIT for the IT.

  3. Follow the proceeding steps for each member you edit.

  4. Locate the line that contains TIRC2LIB= parm pointing to your COBOL compiler library name

  5. Insert the following line, replacing x,y, and z as noted

    where x= compiler version, y= compiler release, and z= compiler mod -
    typically 0. For example:
    EXAMPLE: Find the COBOL compiler library name and insert the next line as follows:




NOTE: Insure that the statement begins in column 1 of the inserted line.

This solution will allow host construction to select the correct configuration for your COBOL compiler version. You must perform this update before using host construction OR the z/OS IT with these PTF's applied regardless of your compiler level.


Release: KGNCRK05500-8-Gen-CLS Runtime Kit-for Unisys