New UX fields that are set to required are not displaying an error if blank
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New UX fields that are set to required are not displaying an error if blank


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


  • In the New User Experience (UX/UI), fields that are mandatory (with an asterisks (*)) are not popping up an error if they are not filled out.
  • Example: On the project properties page, fields are saved without entering values for mandatory fields.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Classic PPM->Administration->Studio->Objects
  2. Click on the Project object
  3. Create a new attribute with the following settings:
    • Value Required = Checked
    • Default value = Blank
    • API Attribute ID entered
  4. Go to the New UX
  5. Add the new attribute to the Details section in project Blueprint 
  6. Create a new project in the new UX
  7. Set the Blueprint for the project to the one in step 4
  8. Go to the Project's Details page
  9. Change a value for a not required field and go to another tab such as Conversations

Expected Results: Valued Required error is generated because one or more required fields do not have a value
Actual Results: You are taken to the next tab successfully


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


This is working as designed:

  • On the details page in the new UX the system does not do page validation.
  • The system will check each field as the user tries to edit the field because of the auto-save.
  • So, you will only get an error if a value is populated in a required field, and you clear the value. 


Option 1: Set a Default value for the attribute
  1. Set a default value on the attribute that is generic
  2. Then use a custom process, portlet or other feature to check for projects that have the generic value set to inform managers the value hasn't been changed.
  3. Additionally, if the user does clear the default value, they will then get the error message the field is required
Option 2: Use of the Grid view for projects:
  1.  If you don’t have the required field on the view and try to create a new entry and there’s no default set:
    1. It will give you an error: “Cannot update the value”
    2. The system will add the column with the required field to the view
  2. if you have the required field on the view and try to create a new entry with the required field on the view:
    1. It will not allow you to successfully create the project  until you populate a value 
    2. The project missing a required value is highlighted in YELLOW on the grid 
      • YELLOW = the project hasn't been created yet
      • WHITE = Once the row turns WHITE, then the record has been created.
      • BLUE = A created record that is currently clicked on 

Additional Information

See KB: 18799 on steps to submit an enhancement request