Service Desk Manager - Scoreboard Empty for User
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Service Desk Manager - Scoreboard Empty for User


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One of my end-users reported a scoreboard issue.  The entire contents of their scoreboard had disappeared.  They were also unable to create or add new scoreboard queries.  They could save a search query, however, the scoreboard panel remained empty.  Performing a "reset tree" from the customize scoreboard page also did not work.


Release : 17.2



A "Folder" node in the scoreboard had a query associated to it.


Out of the box a Scoreboard "folder" has no queries associated to it, it's just a folder to hold other queries. In this instance the folder node was somehow updated to assign a query to it.

To determine this do the following:

1. Obtain the UUID of the userid by running this query:

  select contact_uuid from ca_contact where userid = 'USER'

change USER to the userid

2. You should receive a value back with an 0x at the front. Copy this value, but leave the 0x out.
3. Run a query to find all scoreboard nodes for this user:

select * from usq where obj_persid like 'cnt:UUID'

Replace UUID with the id you received from step 1 (minus the 0x)

4. You should see a list of nodes returned. Look at the parent field to get the folder id. View this same list to see if the matching id has a "query" associated to it. Any parent should have a NULL query, since folders don't have queries associated to them

5. If you find anything that appears incorrect, make a full backup of the usq database table before attempting any update.

A DBA should be able to assist in writing a query to update the values to remove the "query" value from the items that are supposed to be parents, and set them as NULL. If you need further assistance please contact Broadcom Support.