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Seeing access denied in PWP log files, but unable to find where they are executed from


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


AWI is producing the following error message when a user opens an object that they only have view permissions on:

U00000009 '\XXXX': Access denied

Previously in the Java UI, the following warning message was produced in the same scenario:

U04005979 WARNING: OBJECT NAME was opened in read only mode. Modifications will not be saved.

The U code UU00000009 is used for many error messages and the users have configured a CALL object to notify admins every time an error occurs. Now that this error code is used instead of U04005979 for view only object access, the user's admins are getting alerted every time a view-only object is opened many times each day.


Automation Engine version 12.2.2
Automic Web Interface 12.2


A problem has been fixed where the AWI returned the error messages with 'Access denied' when a user opened an object for which he or she had only View permissions.

Fixed Versions:
Automation.Engine 12.3.0, Automation.Engine 12.1.6, Automation.Engine 12.2.4, Automation.Engine 12.0.10, Automation.Engine 12.4.0, Automation.Engine 12.2.3 HF1