Business Objects : How to Create a Hyperlink in a Webi Report


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  1. Log into InfoView and display the 'InfoView Preferences' page (click on Preferences link in the top right corner of the screen)

  2. In the Web Intelligence section, verify that the 'Default View Format' option is set to 'Interactive'. If not, change the setting and save.

  3. In InfoView, open or create a new Web Intelligence document, then right-click and highlight the cell or cells containing the text that you want to make a hyperlink. From the Context menu, select 'Hyperlink > New'. Then the 'Create Hyperlink' dialog box will appear.

  4. Depending on whether you want to link to a URL or a document, select the 'Link to document' button and select the 'Browse' button to browse to and select your document.

  5. Then define the options associated with your hyperlink and select 'OK'. The value(s) that you selected in your document will now appear as an active hyperlink(s).


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus