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Is there a way to override valid error "Inconsistent table definitions"


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


While using generators to subset data,  facing an issue, where the table definition of an Oracle table is not matching in 2 environments.

The table definition in Target is - TESTUNIT_SHARE         NUMBER(13,4)  No          '0'           7              

The table definition in Source is - TESTUNIT_SHARE          NUMBER(15,4)  No          '0'           7              


As a result getting the following error in Publish job from Generators:

Publish  TESTNQ_PLAN_PAYMENT   BPS                                     10           1            

Inconsistent table definitions.  Please check the log file. - column TESTUNIT_SHARE datatype in target doesn't match publish type

Is there a way to override valid error "Inconsistent table definitions"?


Table definition differences cause the reported error.


Release :

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Adding the below property in file should resolve the issue.